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Top Selling SSDs

SaberTooth ZF
Turbo 1.8" ZIF SSD
32GB - 256GB

SaberTooth Z4
Budget 1.8" ZIF SSD
32GB - 128GB

SaberTooth Z
Mini 1.8" ZIF SSD
16GB - 64GB

SaberTooth M1
16 GB - 64GB

SaberTooth S4
SATA Mini PCIe for Asus
Eee 900, 1000.
32GB - 64GB

SaberTooth AA
PATA Mini PCIe 50mm.
Dell Mini 9 upgrade.
16GB - 64GB

Runcore Pro IV
32GB - 128GB

SaberTooth MP
True Mini PCIe SSD
16GB - 64GB
"The SaberTooth 32GB SSD drive we tested here gave us over twice the performance and eight times the capacity of our stock drive... We have no hesitation in awarding the SaberTooth 32GB SSD our Gold Award."
DOMs - Disks on Module

Vertical 7-pin

2 Types, 8GB - 64GB

Low-profile 7-pin

2 Types, 8GB - 64GB

Low-profile 22-pin

8GB - 32GB

Vertical, 40-pin
and 44-pin
8GB - 32GB

40-pin and 44-pin
8GB - 32GB

Vertical and Low-profile
8GB - 16GB
Recent Announcements
9/13/11 Runcore Appoints Active Media Products an Authorized
Distributor for its Full Line of SSDs
8/30/11 AMP Rolls Out mSATA SSDs
8/22/11 AMP Offers 64GB Mini 1.8" ZIF SSD for Notebook Upgrades
8/17/11 AMP Debuts USB DOM Line
8/8/11 AMP Launches ZIF SSD Upgrade Kits for MacBook® Air and other Laptops
4/12/11 AMP Rolls Out Low-Profile IDE DOMs with Write Protection for Server and Embedded Applications
3/15/11 AMP Adds Write Protection Feature to SATA DOMs
to Support Embedded Applications
3/7/11 AMP Ships 64GB PATA Mini PCI-E SSD Upgrade for Dell® Mini 9
2/28/11 AMP Launches Server-Class 2.5" SATA-III SSD, Predator V3
1/31/11 AMP Ships World's First 64GB SATA DOMs
"Once installed the drive springs to life like an action movie. AMP thought outside of the box and came up with something really unique."
- TweakTown
Hot USB Drives

Two styles of Bullet Drives

Endangered Species
Panda & Penguin Drives

Ultra Slim Pivot Drive

Key-4 USB Drive
"it’s all good as far as we are concerned. We suggest you consider one of these drives the next time you have a need for a portable USB device"
- AnandTech

About Us
Active Media Products is a leader in DOMs and netbook SSD upgrades for Asus Eee PC, Dell Mini, Acer Aspire One, HP Mini and other UMPC models. Based in Silicon Valley, we develop a range of NAND flash based high performance and cost effective SSD upgrade solutions that are substantially faster and more reliable than default storage in mini netbooks. Active Media Products also manufactures a unique selection of specialty USB flash drives including the endangered species series drives, Obama drives, 2-in-1 combo pen/USB drives and souvenir USB drives.



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