We are proud to bring you this awesome little Panda USB flash drive. Carry all your photos, music, video clips and data on the Panda drive. Measuring only 2.5-inches in length, it's perfect for your keychain. Made of soft, non-toxic silicone rubber, the Panda drive is completely free of PVC, lead and mercury - toxic materials commonly found in USB drives. The Panda drive comes in capacities up to 32GB.

- Soft non-toxic silicone rubber body
- PVC-free, lead-free and mercury-free
- Keychain included
- 5% of retail price is donated to World Wildlife Fund

- Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1; both Mac and PC
- Hot plug-and-play
- No driver required for most operating systems
- Data retention: 10 years
- Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.4 x 1.0 inches (64 x 36 x 25 mm)
- Capacities: 2GB - 32GB

Ordering Information

R8G-PANDA-W 8GB WWF Panda USB Drive  
R16G-PANDA-W 16GB WWF Panda USB Drive  
R32G-PANDA 32GB WWF Panda USB Drive  

Press Quotes

"Not only do you get the portable storage you crave, the World Wildlife Fund gets much needed funding and you get a cute USB Thumb Drive. The disadvantage of the WWF Panda Drive is it's cuteness and if you have children or a woman in your life you might not get to keep it long." more>>

MNN - Mother Nature Network
"It's a pretty great idea ... the panda is soft and squishy (so it sort of doubles as an anti-stress toy) and it is free of lead, mercury and PVC. What makes it particularly eco-friendly is that 5 percent of the purchase price goes to the World Wildlife Fund to support its conservation efforts. I like the fact that the WWF has come up with a gift idea that is both adorable and practical, and it does make an interesting correlation between saving data and saving the planet." more>>

Craziest Gadgets
"Not only will this panda save your data, a portion of the proceeds (5%) goes to the WWF to save real pandas, with a minimum annual donation of $25,000. This one’s for a good cause." more>>

Chip Chick
"Panda Flash Drive Helps Save Real Pandas & Endangered Species. The next time you need to buy a flash drive, make sure to purchase one of these. We hope that other endangered animal drives are on their way as well, but in meanwhile we’re pretty taken with the panda." more>>

Gadget Sleuth
"Flash Drives with a Purpose: at 2.5" long its still easy to carry around. The device itself is even eco-friendly: it’s manufactured with PVC-free non-toxic silicone, with no lead and mercury used. [it] isn’t a bad deal for both the flash drive and helping to save the planet’s rarest creatures." more>>

"...everyone needs a little Friday panda action. But, you’re not just getting an adorable flash drive, you’re also helping the World Wildlife Fund." more>>


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