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Runcore SSD Store

Runcore Award Winning Prosumer SSDs
Runcore prosumer SSDs are perfect for upgrading notebooks and other mobile computing devices. These SSD upgrades will deliver significantly faster bootup, application launch, multitasking and shutdown speeds, which means you'll enjoy greater productivity and spend less time waiting.Runcore's detailed installation instructions will make upgrading a snap.

Read speeds up to 554MB/s. 50mm
mSATA III. 30GB - 120GB capacities.

Read speeds up to
280MB/s. 50mm
mSATA II. 30GB - 120GB capacities.

Pro IV Light
50mm PATA Mini PCIe

Dell Mini 9 upgrade. 16GB - 64GB capacities.

Pro IV 1.8" 5mm PATA ZIF
Upgrade SSD for scores of popular notebooks. 32GB - 128GB capacities.

Pro IV 1.8" 5mm PATA

Macbook Air Rev. A upgrade. 32GB - 128GB capacities.

SATA Elite Half Slim
22-pin SATA-II.
8GB - 64GB capacities.

Pro IV 1.8" PATA IDE

male IDE header
32GB - 128GB capacities.

External Case for 1.8" ZIF
Holds HDD or SSD.
USB 2.0 cable included.


Usable capacity is less than specified after formatting. Actual performance varies depending on system configuration, application and other factors. DuraWrite and RAISE are trademarks of SandForce Corp.



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