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ZIF Cloning Tool | Troubleshooting FAQ | ZIF SSD Installation Guide

PATA ZIF SSD Installation Instructions

Learn how to install your SaberTooth Z series PATA ZIF SSD properly with this illustrated guide. This guide covers the physical installation of the drive. We recommend using our ZIF SSD Cloning Adapter, AUSB-IDE, to quickly and easily copy the contents of your old drive to your new SaberTooth SSD.
We use a variety of different ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors on our PATA ZIF SSDs. These photos show how to install each type. First, the ZIF cable, which should already be included in your system. You should have a ZIF cable that looks something like this, with metal connectors on one side and no connectors on the flip side. Image 1 shows the side with the contacts. (Acer Aspire ZIF cables may have contacts on reverse sides at opposite ends).

Image 1: ZIF Cable

Some ZIF cables may have a blue tab at one end, as shown in Image 2 below. The blue tab indicates the cable is thicker than white ZIF cables. The blue cables may be too thick to fit in some ZIF connectors. Never force the cable into the connector as it will result in damage to the cable or the connector.

Type-1 ZIF Connector


Images 2 and 3: PATA ZIF Connector 1

Images 2 and 3 above show the first type of ZIF connector, which has a white connector with a black flip lever that is used to lock the cable in place. First gently flip the lever up and back. Use your fingernail to flip the lever. Slide the ZIF cable all the way into the connector, making sure that the contact fingers are facing toward the PCB, or down as in these two images. Rotate the black lever down and forward so it clamps down and locks the cable in place. Be careful with the black lever as it is fragile.

Type-2 ZIF Connector

Image 4: ZIF Connector Closeup

Image 5: ZIF Connector with Cable Installed

Image 4 shows a closeup of the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) style connector which is used on many of the SaberTooth ZX SSDs. This connector has a lever on back to latch the cable in place. Image 5 above shows correct installation for the ZIF cable into the ZIF connector. Gently push the cable, with contacts facing toward the bulk of the drive, into the connector. Be careful not to crimp the cable. It should fit snugly into the connector. After the cable is inserted clamp the black lever on the back of the connector down to latch the cable in place.

Type-3 ZIF Connector

Image 6: ZIF Connector with White Lever

Image 7: ZIF Connector with White Lever Closeup

Figure 8: ZIF Connector with Cable Properly Installed

Figures 6 and 7 above show the ZIF connector with white lever that is used on many SaberTooth ZX SSDs. First flip the white lever up and back, as shown in figure 7. Slide the ZIF cable all the way into the connector, with contacts facing away from the white lever and toward the bulk of the SSD. Gently clamp the ZIF lever forward and down to clamp the cable in place. This is sometimes tricky with this connector as the white lever can be hard to access when it's open. Use your fingernail or a toothpick or paper clip to reach the connector. Figure 8 above shows the ZIF cable installed properly. Figure 9 below shows the wrong way to install the cable.

Figure 9: ZIF Connector with Cable Installed the Wrong way


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