The Ken Elkinson Drive
Recognized as a piano prodigy at an early age, Ken Elkinson is now hailed as one of the greats. Born August 28, 1972 in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Ken has always considered the greater New York area his home. After studying classical music at Muhlenburg College and playing in several Atlanta bars and restaurants, he moved to New York City in 1997 to further his career and exposure. Since then Ken has recorded seven CDs of original piano solos. Ken’s music has received airplay on hundreds of radio stations, websites, satellite music and in-flight audio programs spanning the globe, and has been featured internationally in several documentaries and commercials. His music has also received accolades from music critics and press worldwide. Ken is now working on original film scores, dance remixes, electronic and vocal tracks.

The Ken Elkinson USB drive is a tiny general purpose mobile storage device that comes preloaded with a six pack of original Ken Elkinson compositions in MP3 format. The drive itself is waterproof, fast and features a hologram of New York's greatest icon, the Statue of Liberty, on its front. The folding drive is offered in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities.

- Extremely small and lightweight
- Folds into protective chrome plated steel casing
- Keychain and keyring included  
- Waterproof
- New York Statue of Liberty hologram
- Read speeds up to 200X*
- Includes six amazing piano solos by Ken Elkinson in MP3 format :

1. Opal - from the CD Opal 4. Cue - from the CD Cue
2. Afterglow - from the CD Opal 5. Revelry - from the CD Revelry
3. Orchid - from the CD Opal 6. Link - from the CD Link

- Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1; both Mac and PC
- Supports Windows® 7 / Vista / XP / 98, OS X, Linux
- Hot plug-and-play
- No driver required for most operating systems
- Data retention: 10 years
- Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.6 x 0.2 inches (40 x 14 x 5 mm)
- Capacities: 2GB - 16GB

Ordering Information

PV2G-KE 2GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive
PV4G-KE 4GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive
PV8G-KE 8GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive
PV16G-KE 16GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Usable capacity may be less than specified after formatting. 2GB model only 150X.

Ken Elkinson's CDs

Midnight Conversations




Borrowed Tracks

Generations of Yuletide


Hatikva (CD single)



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