Our new BLU (bootable Linux USB) drives come preloaded with a full installation of Ubuntu Linux, version 9.0.4. BLU drives allow booting into Ubuntu Linux from the USB drive regardless of what operating system is installed on the hard drive. Because the hard drive will still be fully accessible when booting from the BLU drive, it's an excellent disaster recovery solution in the event of operating system problems, as critical files on the hard drive can be backed up onto the BLU drive or another USB storage device. When no longer needed as a BLU drive the Linux O/S can be deleted and the drive can be used as a regular USB drive.

This BLU drive is designed in the likeness of an emperor penguin with exacting detail, and is made of non-toxic silicone rubber. This drive is completely free of PVC, lead and mercury. The penguin drive includes a keyring to snap onto your backpack, or keychain.

- Comes preloaded with bootable Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4, which occupies about 700MB
- Soft non-toxic silicone rubber body
- Red activity LED

- PVC-free, lead-free and mercury-free
- Keychain included  

- Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1; both Mac and PC
- Hot plug-and-play
- No driver required for most operating systems
- Data retention: 10 years
- Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches (58 x 31 x 21 mm)
- Capacities: 1GB - 16GB

Usage Notes
The BLU drive can be used as a normal USB 2.0 flash drive to store and carry files. To boot into Linux from the BLU drive: shut down the system, plug the BLU drive into an available USB port, power on the system, watch the screen for booting options. Most systems will prompt "press F12 for booting options", then select the boot from USB option.

Ordering Information

R1G-PENGUIN-WL 1GB Penguin BLU Drive
R2G-PENGUIN-WL 2GB Penguin BLU Drive
R4G-PENGUIN-WL 4GB Penguin BLU Drive
R8G-PENGUIN-WL 8GB Penguin BLU Drive  
R16G-PENGUIN-WL 16GB Penguin BLU Drive  

We also offer the penguin drive without Ubuntu Linux. See it here.

Press Quotes

Once installed the drive springs to life like an action movie. You can use the drive either as a standard run of the mill thumb drive or set your BIOS to boot from a USB device and be looking at a Linux desktop in under a minute. … AMP thought outside of the box and came up with something really unique. more>>

AnandTech’s all good as far as we are concerned. I made a promise to myself to refrain from using words like adorable or cute when describing this product. However, the female visitors in the lab used both words around 27 times when playing with, err, using the drive today. We suggest you consider one of these drives the next time you [have] a need for a portable USB device, not just because they are cute, affordable, and help a good cause, but due to the fact that they are actually well made and performed admirably in our initial testing. more>>

Linux Journal
We all know that like a faithful Labrador, Linux is a geek's best friend. When it comes to recovering data from a crashed system, it's particularly friendly, providing the option to boot from a Live CD or other media and recover files. The good geeks at Active Media Products, however, have taken that one step further with the release of their new BLU — Bootable Linux USB. As though being a clever recovery solution wasn't enough, the drives take it a step further, melding form with function. more>>

Gear Diary
Yes it is a penguin thumb drive but not just any penguin thumb drive: This one comes with a live image of Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4 otherwise known as the Jaunty Jackalope. more>>



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